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The New Yorker

No one prepared me for the heartbreak of losing my first language. It doesn’t feel like the sudden, sharp pain of losing someone you love, but rather a dull ache that builds slowly until it becomes a part of you.


Bon Appétit

Chef Zhan Chen’s reimagined jellyfish salad at Potluck Club in New York brings me right back to childhood.

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 3.31.53 PM.png

Bon Appétit

The congee diaspora is vast: There’s juk in Korea, cháo in Vietnam, bubur in Indonesia, okayu in Japan. At one restaurant in Los Angeles, there’s congee pot pie.


Bon Appétit

There are few things more irresistible than the forbidden. My contraband: an unassuming chicken in garlic sauce served at Chinatown Restaurant, a modest Chinese takeout counter near my childhood home in Brooklyn.


Bon Appétit

Chef Shuai Wang ushers in the Year of the Ox with a very lucky Lunar New Year feast.


Bon Appétit

Hakka cuisine is the epitome of comfort food. It’s abundantly saucy, deliciously salty, and unapologetically fatty. This trifecta of richness stems from the nomadic farming origins of Hakka people.

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