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I'm a writer focused on sharing my love of food, celebrating my family's culture, & highlighting Asian American communities.


Hi, I'm Jenny.

I write stories for kids and adults on topics that include (but are not limited to) food, family, and Asian American identity. I'm the author of Everyone Loves Lunchtime but Zia and another upcoming picture book (Summer 2024) published by Knopf, an imprint of Penguin Random House. My writing has also been featured in Bon Appétit and The New Yorker.


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and currently live in Los Angeles with my husband and two calico cats, Donut and Beignet. When I'm not writing, I'm eating. You can find me bopping around searching for some form of fried potatoes or Chinese takeout no matter where I am in the world.


The New Yorker

How the experience of losing my fluency in Cantonese and, as a result, the ability to communicate with my parents, has driven me to reclaim my first language and identity as a Chinese American.

Knopf Books for Young Readers

This is a story that’s very close to my heart. It’s about a Chinese American girl named Zia who grows to appreciate the Cantonese foods that her parents pack for her to bring to school. Ma and Ba explain what each food represents—cha siu bao for treasure, see yao gai for success—and once she eats them, their meanings come to life!

"A familiar outsider experience inspires children to find pride in their identity in this celebration of Cantonese food and family."




I'll be joining TeachAAPI at this year's family friendly AAPI LA Market @ Smorgasburg event, on Sunday May 7th!


About the non profit organization: AAPI LA addresses challenges faced by the AAPI community, such as hate crimes, pandemic impacts on businesses, language barriers, and lack of inclusion. We unite organizations to amplify their work and support the historically misrepresented AAPI community, providing a voice and unity. AAPI LA Market @ Smorgasburg is a one-day only fundraising event that will feature baked goods, savory bites, packaged goods and merchandise all prepared by local AAPI chefs and makers.

"You are such a talented writer, and a terrific and very cool individual."

Ms. Tuckman, my 9th grade English teacher, to me


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